The detailed visualization of velocity profiles inside the liquid help to better understand the flow in many applications and setups.

Our Ultrasonic Velocity Profiling (UVP) has a wide range of applications in Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Engineering, especially in laboratory setups.

Typical laboratory applications :

  • liquid metal flows,
  • multi-phase flows,
  • rheological properties of flowing food suspensions,
  • physical scale models (rivers, lakes, channels, flow around a bridge, harbor, bay),
  • and many more ... Share your application with us !
Our profiling technique is non intrusive , thus allowing to measure away from the transducer (probe). It works especially well with opaque liquids as ultrasound waves can go through. It gives a spatio-temporal view of velocity and turbidity information.

The Ubertone Velocity Profilers (UVP) are highly accurate and can reproduce theoretical flows such as a laminar parabolic flow in a pipe (as shown in the figure beside). In this experiment, the measured data in blue perfectly fits the theoretical profile in red (see the paper In-line monitoring of chocolate crystallization by UVP-PD technique for details).