Prague, Czech Republic - Meet us at ICUD 2017, September 10th to 15th

Ubertone takes part in ICUD 2017 - the International Conference on Urban Drainage - We contribute to 4 papers that will be presented :

  • SSC characterization with acoustic turbidity using linear regression tools by T. Kletti, S. Fischer, M. Burckbuchler, A. Pallares and P. Schmitt
  • Suspended Sediment Monitoring: Comparison between Optical and Acoustical Turbidity by A. Pallarès, M. Burckbuchler, S. Fischer and P. Schmitt
  • Sharing data from acoustic profilers : an example of web based tool by S. Fischer and M. Burckbuchler
  • Direct determination of shear stress using in-sewer ultrasonic velocity profiling sensor by V. Bareš, M. Jager, F. Blumensaat and S. Fischer

We will also be pleased to welcome you at our stand during the whole conference. It will be a good opportunity to discuss about the challenges of urban drainage and the application of our technology in this field.

More details can be found on ICUD's website.