UB-Lab - The versatile ultrasonic profiler

The UB-Lab profiler allows accurate velocity profiles measurements from the laboratory flume to the industrial process.

This technology is also known as UVP (Ultrasonic Velocity Profiling) or UDV (Ultrasonic Doppler Velocimetry).

The compact and splash-proof (IP65) enclosure of the UB-Lab is adapted to harsh environments. This scientific instrument is able to drive two transducers in a large frequency range (from 700 kHz to 7.5 MHz) and it can therefore be adapted to many kinds of liquids and particles.

The device is configured through a dynamic web interface and integrates an internal logger (1.5Go) which allows the storage of a large amount of data, enabling days or months of monitoring (depending on configuration).

Like the UB-Flow profiler, the UB-Lab gives access to the acoustic turbidity which allows the evaluation of Suspended Sediment Concentration (SSC).

This device can be used within a laboratory as well as in an industrial context (see application for in-line rheometry). It breaks new ground by offering the user new capabilities in the fields of fluid study and control.

Optional features available :
  • High spatial resolution (HSR) for fine scale studies with 0.35 mm between cells,
  • High time resolution (HTR) for measurements up to 100 Hz,
  • Bistatic profile measurements for real two components velocities,
  • Raw Doppler signal recording.

Further details : technical datasheet

detailed technical specifications