Peacock UVP: the multi-purpose module for velocity and echo profiling

The UVP (Ultrasonic Velocity Profiler) technology allows to measure high resolution velocity and echo profiles in liquids. It provides a detailed visualisation of a flow in environmental or industrial applications. Our new miniature UVP module, the Peacock UVP, uses UBERTONE’s proprietary technology, based on coded pulsed coherent Doppler. The Peacock UVP delivers high quality measurements and can be integrated in any solution which requires a detailed monitoring of liquid’s properties. It was designed for engineers who develop industrial equipment, for researcher who want to work on applied science, as well as for makers who want to develop their own UVP solution. The panel of possible applications is wide and we are keen to discover new ideas.

The Peacock UVP pushes further the limits of the UVP technology in terms of weight and energy consumption. This module is based on the same principle as our UB-Lab and UB-Flow, but on a completely new design, including an innovative architecture of the emission stage and the demodulation process. The signal processing was optimized for this new architecture and includes coherent Doppler estimation, automatic gain control, static echo filter, pulse coding and blind zone compensation. The result is a much lighter (14 g), smaller (21 x 85 mm) and low power (0.5 to 1 W) circuit that can drive two channels (transducers) from 400 kHz to 3.6 MHz. According to the settings, the device can switch alternatively from one channel to the other. The Doppler signal processing provides many information as mean velocity, velocity standard deviation, SNR and echo amplitude profiles on the given transducer. Temperature, plus pitch and roll angles can also be measured. Precise and accurate velocity profiles are measured along the acoustic beam with a high spatial resolution (down to 0.73 mm in water). The communication with the Peacock UVP goes through Modbus protocol via RS485, which can be wired through USB directly on the computer, and allows to transmit up to 5 profiles per second (for 100 cells).

The Peacock UVP, designed by UBERTONE, breaks new ground for a wide range of applications and make it perfect for being embedded in systems where reliability, robustness, consumption, size or weight matter.

Further details : technical datasheet

This new hardware has been developed with the support of the Region Alsace.