Our acoustic profilers are suitable for many applications : e.g. flow studies or diagnostic facilities. You can find a few examples below.

sewer network

Velocity field observation in sewer network

Robust and autonomous, the UB-Flow profiler allows for extensive measurements in sewage. When installed on the floor of the pipe, it measures the flow velocity at different levels without mechanical moving parts and with no risk of catching the transported waste.


Sediment transport studies in river

Easy to install, the UB-Flow profiler is particularly well suited for field measurements. In rivers, it allows the measurement of both the velocity and acoustic turbidity (which is directly linked to the suspended sediment concentration).


Accurate measurements on laboratory setups

The UB-Lab profiler (UVP) allows accurate velocity profiles measurements on laboratory setups and physical scale models. It helps to understand fluid mechanics and hydraulics phenomenons in controlled environment, especially in opaque liquids.

In-line rheometry

In-line rheometry in food processes

In-line rheometry with UB-Lab profiler allows an advanced knowledge of the product quality, which needs to be controlled in many food processes. For example, a real-time, accurate and non-invasive viscosity measurement based on UB-Lab has been developed.