High resolution velocity profile in a pipe filled with sunflower oil

The Ultrasonic Velocity Profilers (UVP) are highly accurate.

Our profiling technique is non intrusive, thus allowing to measure away from the transducer (probe). In this example, the transducer was inserted in a measurement cell around the pipe and measured through a PVC wall. This way, the pipe section does not change and the flow is not perturbed.

In this experiment the velocity profile was measured with the UB-Lab and a Doppler angle of 35° on sunflower oil flowing in a 25 mm diameter pipe. The emission frequency was set to 3.41 MHz and spatial resolution of the profile was 0.43 mm. The figure shows the measured data in blue, which perfectly fits the theoretical parabolic profile in red (see the paper In-line monitoring of chocolat crystallization by UVP-PD technique for details)

The UB-Lab X2 and X8 can store the IQ Doppler samples during the recording. This allows custom data processing, such as Doppler spectrum.