Environment care and ethics at Ubertone

Ubertone and its team puts a lot of energy and all of our intelligence and know-how to develop satisfactory instruments and solutions, which we are proud of. In this sense, we like to have a say in how our work is used. For example, intent to harm is not an acceptable use of our technology.

Since its creation, Ubertone is committed to place social and environmental values at the heart of its activities.

Ubertone has integrated sustainability into its business operations.

We present here a few themes and how we address them:

  • Measures to reduce energy consumption:

    • We are developing low consumption instruments.
    • We are currently working on the thermal insulation of our building (office and workshop)
    • We will then use aqua-thermal energy to heat or cool the building along the seasons, using heat and cold from groundwater.

  • Waste policy:

    • We sort our wastes, in the office and workshop.
    • The wastes due to production are reduced as much as possible along the production process updates, and the remaining wastes are sorted as thoroughly as possible for recycling.
    • The packaging of parcels we receive is stored and used to pack our own parcels we ship.
    • Our organic wastes are collected and dropped at a local composting station, run by a neighbourhood association we are part of.
    • Our instruments are indicated as "No trash" items, and user manuals indicate that the items should be sent back to us at end of life for proper disposal or recycling.

  • Encouraging sustainable mobility (both employees and shipping service):

    • We provide a bike for the employees to come to work.
    • We participate financially in the public transportation pass subscriptions.
    • For business trips, we always look first to train transportation possibilities, and prioritise those.

  • Sustainable purchasing choices, circular economy initiatives:

    • We work as much as possible with local subcontractors, workshops and providers (<100km)

  • Attention to social aspects in own production and / or the supply chain (including working conditions and social protection, health and safety, personal development and training):

    • The production processes are continuously reviewed to simplify them and to take into account workers' suggestions.
    • We organise at least two team building events per year.

An idea to be seeded and sprout:

To reduce your environmental footprint, don't buy our instruments: rent them !