How to coil my transducer cables?

It is necessary to take good care of your cables. The transducer cables are especially important to take care of, as they are linked to the transducer head and need to maintain their waterproofness, shielding and link to the piezo (of course). ... read more


It was nice meeting you at ISRS 2023 in Florence

The 15th International Symposium on River Sedimentation 2023 brought together professionals from around the world to discover, exchange and learn more about Sustainable Sediment Management in a changing Environment ... read more


Register now to the 3rd Workshop on Ultrasonic Doppler

Learn more about at a Workshop on Ultrasonic Doppler for Hydraulics in laboratory flumes during the ISEH 2024 symposium in Aberdeen in June 2024 ... read more

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Steady organisation in turbulent weather at ETC18in Valencia, Spain

During this 18th edition of ETC, we presented recent developments in terms of instantaneous 3C velocity profilers ... read more


Real time instability of flow close to a scour affected abutment

ANR SSHEAR-project results of the field measurements with the UB-Flow installation powered by solar panels for scouring process monitoring presented in a paper by Christophe Chevalier and Frédérique Larrarte ... read more


A very successful W.A.T.E.R. summer school in the middle of the forest

The 7th W.A.T.E.R. Summer School took place in TUMünchen’s Obernach facility in Upper Bavaria, in the middle of the forest, allowing both indoor and outdoor measurements ... read more


Pumping system efficiency study in Italy

We designed new DN125 transducers holders for the efficiency study of the pumping system ... read more


Meet us at Coastlab2024 in Delft, Netherlands

We will be very pleased to meet you at the 9th Conference on Physical Modelling in Coastal Engineering from the 13th to the 16th of May 2024, hosted by the Delft University of Technology, Netherlands. This would be an opportunity to discuss your applications and how acoustic measurements could bring valuable information to your projects.


Colloque sur les Apports des nouvelles technologies à l’étude du transport sédimentaire et de la morphodynamique 2023

Nous étions ravis de vous rencontrer à notre stand à ce colloque à Grenoble du 1 au 2 juin 2023, et de discuter de vos applications et des méthodes de mesure acoustiques. Nous avons également présenté des résultats sur la “Surveillance des sédiments en suspension en rivière avec un profileur acoustique hyperbande, exemple sur le rhône et l'isère en france” réalisés en collaboration avec la Compagnie Nationale du Rhône. ... read more


Discover our new versatile four channels UVP - the UB-Lab S4

The UB-Lab UVP family welcomes a new member, the UB-Lab S4 with a compact enclosure and four channels to control four transducers with fast switching during a recording ... read more


ISH 2023 - A very dynamic and exchangeful conference

The ISH (International School for Hydraulics), presenting a very interesting format to encourage exchanges and discussions between participants, took place from 22-26th of May 2023 ... read more


Practical training on Ultrasonic Doppler Methods for Hydraulics and Fluid Engineering in Gdansk, Poland

Hosted by the Institute of Hydro-Engineering (PAS) in Gdansk during the International School for Hydraulics, this second edition of the WUD workshop proposed very practical exercises to learn how to install, set up and post-process data of the UB-Lab P ... read more


Field measurements of sediment dynamics under waves presented at Coastal Sediments 2023

Noémie Fritsch, from LGO-IUEM (Brest, France), presented “Sediment dynamics under real waves”, showing results of field ADVP (Acoustic Doppler Velocity Profiler) measurements of turbulence and sediment flux with the UB-Lab 3C prototype, at the conference Coastal Sediments, held in April 2023 in New Orleans, US.


EGU23 in Vienna in April gathered more than 15000 participants

The EGU General Assembly 2023 brought together geoscientists from all over the world to one meeting covering all disciplines of the Earth, planetary, and space sciences. Users of our UB-Lab 2C and of our UB-SediFlow presented very interesting results ... read more


Online webinar on Acoustic monitoring of suspended solids in natural and engineered systems

This Co-UDLabs Webinar, organised by EAWAG took place online on the 16th of May 2023 13:00 – 16:35 CEST. Stéphane FISCHER presented acoustic backscattering measurement theory and applications. ... read more


Tutorial for the very easy to use UB-Lab P

In this video, you can learn how to do a very quick measurement with the very easy to use UB-Lab P, the world's first handheld UVP (Ultrasonic Velocity Profiling) ... watch more tutorials


Ubertone is on Twitter!

We are happy to announce that we are boosting our activity on Twitter! We will regularly share with you our news and innovative developments.

Do not hesitate to subscribe to our Twitter page to keep informed.


Discover our new transducers for higher temperature environments

We are pleased to announce the release of new 3MHz transducers working at temperatures up to 110°C ... contact us for more information


Ubertone Student Paper Award - ISUD 2023

Since 2012, Ubertone has been committed to promoting innovative research by students and PhD candidates through the Ubertone Student Award delivered at each ISUD edition. Do not miss this ISUD2023 edition’s opportunity!


The gathering for ultrasonic Doppler methods users and developers in 2023

The 14th International Symposium on Ultrasonic Doppler Methods for Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Engineering (ISUD 2023) will be held in Kobe, Japan from the 23rd-25th of October ... read more


What about uncertainties with our UVP?

The FAQ page welcomes an answer for the question of velocity accuracy and resolution for UVP instruments ... read more


L’UB-Flow AV présenté par Ijinus au CGLE 2023

Le Carrefour des Gestions Locales de l'Eau 2023, du 25 au 26 janvier 2023, était le rendez-vous annuel incontournable des acteurs de l'eau, au parc des expositions de Rennes, France. Notre distributeur Ijinus y a présenté l’UB-Flow AV et son dernier accessoire pour la mesure combinée de vitesse et de hauteur d’eau dans les réseaux d’assainissement.


A ResearchGate project for the ADVP and UB-Lab 2C users community

A ResearchGate project page is available to gather research, conference papers, good practices examples, etc. on the use of the ADVP (Acoustic Doppler Velocity Profiler) measurement method and the UB-Lab 2C. This page was created following the webinar on this subject.


Our first webinar to gather the ADVP and UB-Lab 2C/3C users community was a success

For this first webinar, we chose the subject “ADVP measurement method and UB-Lab 2C” and invited all the UB-Lab 2C users and experts on the use of the ADVProfilers to discuss about ... read more


Happy new year

The whole team wishes you a happy, healthy and flourishing new year, and all the best for your ongoing and coming projects!


Acoustic instruments presented at the “Journées de l'Hydrodynamique” in Poitiers

Since 1987, every two years, the Journées de l’Hydrodynamique (JH, Hydrodynamics Days) gather researchers and engineers, mainly french-speaking, in marine hydrodynamics in the civil and military domains to present and discuss the most recent research works. This 18th edition took place on the Futuroscope campus of Poitiers from the 22nd to the 24th of November 2022, hosted by the Pprime institute. We would like to thank the organisation committee of this conference for the very nice welcoming. This event was a very nice opportunity to discover potential new applications for which ultrasound instrumentation can bring new and valuable information.


Outflow control of a Francis turbine by UVP measurement

The UB-Lab X2 allowed the visualisation of the velocity field around the torch in the Francis turbine ... read more


New scatterers reference available

Discover the new PA particles we propose of mean grain size 60µm for your acoustic scatterers seeding ... read more


A prototype of three-component velocity profiler deployed on a beach

A three-components ADVP was developed and deployed on a beach in Brittany, France, for sediment transport study ... read more


ADVP method presented at PGC22 in Aberdeen

The UB-Lab 2C and ADVP (Acoustic Doppler Velocity Profile) measurement method has been presented at the Particulate Gravity Currents in the Environment 2022 conference in September 2022 ... read more


Follow Ubertone’s scientific activity on ResearchGate

Marie, Ubertone’s CEO and R&D engineer, and Stéphane, Ubertone’s founder and R&D director, are on ResearchGate, where you can read several papers published at conferences and in international journals. Click here to discover their profiles: Marie Burckbuchler and Stéphane Fischer and follow them to stay informed.


Three components velocity profiler prototype for the field - presented at EFMC14

We were pleased to meet you and discuss at the EFMC14 in Athens, Greece, where we presented some of our most recent developments ... read more


IAHR Europe 2022 - The release of our new ABS, the UB-SediFlow instrument

We were pleased to meet you and discuss at the IAHR Europe Congress from the 7th to the 9th of September in Athens, Greece, where we presented our newest instrument ... read more


Open-source libraries and APIs available on GitHub

We made some libraries and APIs available on GitHub for you, to make the use of our instruments and their data always more adapted to the user and its application.


Have a look at the new UB-SediFlow - the hyperband acoustic profiler

Concentration monitoring, grain size estimation, mud level detection… Discover the new ABS designed to perform multi-frequency backscattered echo amplitude profile measurements in field applications ... read more


Intense practical W.A.T.E.R. workshop 2022 held in Lisbon

This year’s edition of the International Summer School on Hydraulics Measurement Techniques took place in Lisbon, Portugal, for a week of July 2022 ... read more


Presentation of our latest miniaturization development at IAHR World 2022

We were be pleased to meet you and discuss at the IAHR World Congress from the 19th to the 24th of June in Granada, Spain, around our demo flume ... read more


Practical training on UVP and ADVP for hydraulic laboratory flumes in Karlsruhe, Germany

Hosted by the Hochschule Karlsruhe, we proposed very practical exercises to learn how to install, set up and post-process ... read more


THESIS 2022 - An event rich in exchanging

It was a pleasure to meet you and discuss at THESIS 2022 in Les Houches School of Physics, France, about our latest work on multi-bistatic measurement techniques ... read more


Study of boundary layer of a plane plate - Laminar-turbulent transition

Following the award of the Call for Projects - UVP Springboard won by Antoine Dode, here are the results he obtained with the UB-Lab P for his study about the “Boundary layer turbulent transition in unsteady flow with application to rowing” ... read more


A magical solution to inject acoustic scatterers?

Not enough signal in your setup? What if there were a magical and ecological solution to inject seedings in your setup? ... coming soon


Call for Projects - UVP Springboard: Outcomes of the boundary layer study at LadHyx, France

It was with pleasure to visit Antoine Dode and discuss his experience following his participation in the Call for Projects - UVP Springboard. His project, selected by our team, was about the “Boundary layer turbulent transition in unsteady flow with application to rowing”. ... watch the interview


Preliminary laboratory studies on microplastics’ mobilisation in open-channel flows

Arianna Varrani presented her work on microplastics transport with the UB-Lab P at the IAHR Young Professionals Congress 2021 ... read more


Suspended sediment monitoring instruments - a laboratory comparison campaign

Comparison campaign for suspension monitoring between a various instruments in the DEXMES laboratory tank facility, including the UB-SediFlow ... read more


Measurement campaign with a new multi-bistatic transducers head for turbulence studies

A one-week measurement campaign at the LEGI laboratory in Grenoble, France, took place in March, to test our new transducers head for multi-bistatic measurements ... read more


UBERTONE is growing up!

We moved to a bigger office, 8A, rue principale, 67300 Schiltigheim, less than 1km away from our last address. Currently still unboxing, we will soon be able to welcome you.


How to measure a velocity profile with a UVP ? - Definition of the measurement parameters

Thanks to this video, you will understand the parameters for velocity measurements ... watch more


An upgraded Peacock UVP with its driver - for easy OEM integration

Faster communication, faster measurements, new features: discover what is new for our OEM acoustic profiler ... read more


Ubertone wishes you the best for 2022!

2022 is here! The Ubertone team would like to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting us in our growth and development. We wish you success in all your endeavours and look forward to assisting you in achieving your professional goals for 2022. And finally, we wish you happiness, prosperity and health in the New Year.


Investigation of the dispersing characteristics of antral contraction wave flow in a simplified model of the distal stomach

D. Dufour, F. X. Tanner, K. A. Feigl, and E. J. Windhab; Physics of Fluids 33, 083101 (2021).

Simulations were validated with UB-Lab X2 velocity measurements in a physical model of an antrum. The characteristics of the retropulsive jet were quantified at different Reynolds numbers ... read more


What does the acoustic beam look like? How does it impact the measuring cell's geometry ?

Thanks to this video, you will understand how to define a model of your transducer's beam and estimate your profiles cell sizes ... watch more


Deployment of a hyperband acoustic profiler for a sediment monitoring campaign

During the sediment managing operations APAVER of May 2021, the UB-SediFlow was used for sediment monitoring on the Rhône river, France ... read more


Ubertone Student Award - ISUD 2021

For this 13th ISUD edition, 13 students participated in this competition by presenting their work. Each member of the scientific committee graded the students’ papers and presentations. The 2021 awarded student is ... read more


Ubertone is on LinkedIn!

We are happy to announce that we are boosting our activity on Linkedin! We will regularly share with you our news and innovative developments.

Do not hesitate to subscribe to our Linkedin page to keep informed.


Debate on current and future challenges of experimental methods and instrumentation

On July 7th took place an online debate on current and future challenges of experimental methods and instrumentation, organized by the EMI (Experimental Methods and Instrumentation) Committee of IAHR, inviting four guest speakers: Prof. Anna Wahlin (University of Gothenburg), Dr. Daniel Valero Huerta (IHE Delft Institute for Water Education), Prof. Dr. Marian Muste (IIHR - Hydroscience & Engineering, The University of Iowa) and Dr. Stéphane Fischer (UBERTONE).


New products launched at ISUD 13 in Zürich, Switzerland

The 13th edition of ISUD - International Symposium on Ultrasonic Doppler Methods for Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Engineering - has been held in hybrid format at ETH Zürich - from the 13th to the 15th of June 2021. ... read more


Team strength at Ubertone

Nature, sharing, smiles and laughter ... read more


Results - UVP Innovation Springboard

Ubertone organized a call for projects in February 2021. And the winners are ... read more


Webinar on "Experimental Methods and Laboratory Instrumentations in Hydraulics"

Organized by the Institute of Geophysics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, in collaboration with the IAHR, this webinar took place from April 13th to 15th, 2021.

Ubertone presented a Practitioner's Overview about our developments “Towards handheld instrumentation” with an application example of the UB-Lab P on a physical model of a river.


Technical issue on our cloud - Cloud available again!

Due to a fire in our data center, our data analysis and visualization service was temporarily unavailable.

Our server is now available again and you can access your account again on cloud.ubertone.eu.

Thank you for your patience, and sorry for the inconvenience.


We Call for Projects! - UVP Innovation Springboard

A call for projects to win the loan of a UB-Lab P to boost your project ... read more


A laboratory investigation of bedload monitoring with the UB-Lab 2C and the UB-Lab X8

The work at NTNU and at Bologna University allowed a comparison between acoustic measurement configurations ... read more


Acoustic measurement on industrial liquids pipe flows

A few measurement examples of different opaque and viscous industrial liquids ... read more


UB-Lab P, the world first portable UVP

We are proud to announce a new member of the UB-Lab UVP family, the UB-Lab P, a handheld profiler equipped with a Wifi connexion and an internal battery in a compact enclosure ... read more


1 MHz wideband transducers manufactured by Ubertone

We now manufacture our 1MHz transducers in our workshop to improve delivery times. The design and the performances are kept identical. We plan to manufacture all our standard transducer references starting next year.


Tutorial - What is a profile in Ultrasonic Velocity Profiling ?

Thanks to this video, you will understand the measurement area in Ultrasonic Velocity Profiling (UVP): from the general shape of the acoustic beam to the profile parameters configuration ... watch more tutorials


Hands-on experience in measurement techniques for hydraulics engineering and research at WATER 2021 - Postponed

The 5th edition of the WATER (Workshop on Advanced measurement Techniques and Experimental Research) Summerschool is post-poned to 2021 in Bolzano-Bozen, Italy. ... read more


Ask for a remote demonstration!

The covid-19 is keeping us confined ? No worries, to give you a first impression about our technology, we can offer a demonstration of our devices remotely, including installation, measurement, graphical user interface and post-processing visualisation. Different setups are available depending on your needs. Contact us for more information!


A new sensor for average flow velocity monitoring

Discover the UB-Flow AV, a new Doppler sensor for flow metering applications ... read more


Updates on latest ultrasonic Doppler methods improvements at ISUD 2020 - cancelled

The 12th International Symposium on Ultrasonic Doppler Methods for Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Engineering, originally taking place in Kobe, Japan, in September 14 to 17, 2020 is cancelled. Discussions on the future editions of ISUD Conferences are ongoing.



Our activity has been re-organized and we keep on working, shipping & providing you with the best support as usual.


Outcome of the M.ES.U.R.E. project - Hydroacoustic SPM measurement technology for operational use

Following this 3-year of work about Suspended Sediment Transport Measurement by Hydroacoustics, the outcomes were presented during a public seminar ... read more


An acoustic profiler for turbulence study presented at ETC 2019

534 participants gathered at ETC 2019 in Turin creating turbulences in the hallways and coffee breaks leading to discussion about multiphase flows, instabilities, boundary layers ... read more


Training on advanced measurement technique at the W.A.T.E.R. Workshop 2019

A summer week in Bologna to learn about advanced measurement techniques and experimental research in Bologna, Italy ... read more


Flomeko conference in Lisbon, Portugal

While the rest of Europe suffered the heatwave, a couple of hundred researchers and engineers participated in Flomeko, Lisbon, by a tempered weather ... read more


UB-Flow powered by solar panels

A sensors set powered by solar panels to study scouring risks ... read more


2C bistatic measurement technique presented at Flucome in Naples, Italy

Results from a benchmark measurement campaign of the UB-Lab 2C were presented at the Flucome conference in Naples, Italy last week. It was also the opportunity to get a demonstration of the UB-Lab X2 at our booth ... read more


Case study for applications in the biobased industry

An interdisciplinary approach that combined multiphysics simulations, measurements with the UB-Lab and rheological measurements allowing to achieve a comprehensive system characterization that will facilitate research in the field of PEF processing. ... read more


We like science and over all we like challenges !

Since 2018, Ubertone supports the local volleyball team SUC (Strasbourg Université Club). The women's team has been promoted in 2017 at the National 2 level. They are in the top 3 of 2018-2019 with Levallois (Paris), Terville (Lorraine). A great team who continues improving its performances. Ubertone is proud to support them!


UB-Lab 2C - benchmark measurement campaign presented in Madrid at HydroSenSoft 2019

The second edition of the International Symposium and Exhibition on Hydro-Environment Sensors and Software, organized by the IAHR took place from February 26th to March 1st of 2019 in Madrid. We presented a measurement campaign with our new UB-Lab 2C ... read more


Performance improvements on UB-Lab

After a 6 years collaboration with ETH Zürich and the expression of a clear need by our customers and partners, we now offer a new software upgrade of the High Spatial Resolution option to enable more steps ... read more


New distributors in Italy, Malta and Romania - Fluxoptica and Metroptics

We are happy to announce Ubertone has now a distributor in Italy and Malta, and a distributor in Romania. Fluxoptica and Metroptics are distributing products for Fluid Dynamics and Mechanics of Solids. ... read more


2C-bistatic velocity profiling for turbulence measurements (follow-up) - M.E.S.U.R.E project

A big step has been taken for ultrasonic instrumentation thanks to the ANR Astrid-ASMA project M.E.S.U.R.E (Métrologie mES hydroacoUstiques opéRationnElles - Operational hydroacoustic SSC metrology)! First results on the measurement campaign in the laboratory facility of the LEGI ... read more


Training on advanced measurement technique at the W.A.T.E.R. Workshop 2018

Lectures and lab sessions on acoustic measurement technique and the UB-Lab were offered this year again at the Workshop on Advanced measurement Techniques and Experimental Research in the VLIZ-Ostend (Vlaams Instituut voor de Zee) in Belgium. ... read more


Acoustic measurement technique presented at EFMC 12 in Vienna

Pursuing Ubertone’s goal of democratising the acoustic measurement technique in experimental science, we participated for the first time to the European Fluid Mechanics Conference, organised biennially under the auspices of the European Mechanics Society EUROMECH. ... read more


Ultrasonic Velocity Profiler demonstrated within two conferences in Japan

Flowtech Research, our Japanese distributor, exhibited at two symposia and offered demonstration of the UB-Lab ... read more


New devices launched at ISUD 11 in Berlin, Germany

The 11th ISUD - International Symposium on Ultrasonic Doppler Method for Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Engineering, taking place in Berlin, Germany, was the opportunity for us to announce the launch of two new products... ... read more


Ubertone Student Paper Award 2018!

For this 11th ISUD edition, 8 students participated in this competition by presenting their work. Each member of the scientific comittee graded the students paper and presentation. The 2018 awarded student is... ... read more


Meet our chinese distributor at Hangzhou, China, from October 25th to 28th 2018

The 10th National Symposium on Fluid Mechanics will be held in Hangzhou, China, from October 25th to 28th 2018. If you missed the Chinese National Conference on Experimental Mechanics in August in Hefei, China, take this opportunity to meet Ubertone’s Chinese distributor, BTFluid, who will have a booth there.


A new distributor in China - Beiting Measurement Technique Co.ltd

Ubertone has now a chinese distributor. Until recent, Beiting Measurement Technique Co.ltd was specialised in the supply and use of optical measuring instruments ... read more


2C-bistatic velocity profiling for turbulence measurements - M.E.S.U.R.E project

The ANR Astrid-ASMA project M.E.S.U.R.E (Métrologie mES hydroacoUstiques opéRationnElles - Operational hydroacoustic SSC metrology) is moving forward! A measurement campaign began last week in the laboratory facility of the LEGI. ... read more


PhD defense in ETH Zürich, UVP technique for food production and digestion processes

The oral examination of the PhD thesis of Damien Dufour took place on the 23rd Feb 2018 and symbolized the end of a 5 years’ work at the Food Process Engineering laboratory of ETH Zurich. The thesis is entitled “Ultrasound Doppler Flow Measurement in Food Production and Digestion Processes” and experimental data has been recorded by an UB-Lab from Ubertone. ... read more


UBERTONE is growing up!

Last week, we moved to a bigger office, 14, rue du Brochet, 67300 Schiltigheim, 3km away from our last address. Currently still unboxing, we will soon be able to welcome you.


Sludge level measurement in a clarifier with Peacock UVP

During a measurement session in a Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) near Strasbourg in this early time of the year, we could demonstrate the ability of the new hardware to easily detect the sludge level in a clarifier ... read more


Performance of hydro-acoustic sediment flux profiling in highly turbulent particle flows - Internship offer

The LEGI (Laboratory on geophysical and industrial flows, Grenoble, France), under the supervision of D. Hurther, G. Fromant and J. Chauchat, offers a 5 months internship on “Performance of hydro-acoustic sediment flux profiling in highly turbulent particle flows”. This internship is part of the ANR project “MESURE” and the European Hydralab+ project. ... read more


A new distributor in Japan - Flow Tech Research

From now on, Ubertone has a japanese distributor. Until recently, FTR - FlowTech Research - focused on optical measurement techniques ... read more


Training on UB-Lab during the W.A.T.E.R. Summerschool

A Workshop about measurement techniques and experimental research offering lectures, lab sessions, a research vessel visit ... read more


Interview on France Bleu Alsace

On the regional radio France Bleu Alsace, Ubertone's founder, Dr. Stéphane Fischer (PhD in Electronics, MSc in Engineering Physics, University of Strasbourg) explains UBERTONE’s creation, purpose and application fields in the radio show "Le rendez-vous des entrepreneurs" (entrepreneur’s meeting).

Find out where UBERTONE’s name (trademark registered in 2007) comes from, listen to this interview (in French):


Solutions for urban drainage research and engineering presented at ICUD 2017

The International Conference on Urban Drainage was held this year in Prague. Visitors could evaluate the quality of the measurements of UBERTONE’s profilers as well as the ergonomic user interface on a setup at UBERTONE’s booth. Along the conference, four research works using UBERTONE profilers were presented ... read more


A custom-made profiler to be embedded on an aquatic drone

Ubertone just delivered a custom-made device for high speed sewer system inspection. This Ultrasonic Velocity Profiler has been ordered by the Watermanagement Department of TU-Delft ... read more


The Peacock UVP presented at ISSF, Eindhoven

The International Symposium on Shallow Flows is the major meeting event in the area of environmental fluid mechanics and hydraulics, attracting primarily participants from academic and environmental research institutes. This 4th edition ... read more


The Peacock-UVP available now!

We are proud to announce you that our multi-purpose module for velocity and echo profiling, the Peacock UVP, is now available. This Ultrasonic Velocity Profiler is optimized to be highly reliable, very small (half a credit card) ... read more


Holders for your transducers

The integration of the transducers into a given setup is sometimes an issue. In order to help UVP users, Ubertone has developed a large experience in the design of transducer holders. ... read more


Concentration and Grain Size Measurements through Acoustic Turbidity - An ANR Astrid-ASMA project

Among the great challenges of operational flow monitoring, Suspended Particle Matter (SPM) measurements are of primary importance nowadays. This 3-years project, funded by the ANR, just started. It has the objective to overcome the technological rupture existing in this domain between the academic and industrial sectors. ... read more


SHF-Hydrométrie2017 held in Lyon, France

During this third edition of conference about hydrometrics, Stéphane Fischer presented a poster about Ubertone’s new UVP Hardware. ... read more


HydroSenSoft 2017 held in Madrid

HydroSenSoft 2017 was the first edition of the International Symposium and Exhibition on Hydro-Environment Sensors and Software. We presented Ubertone’s new hardware and the first results of this new profiling system. ... read more


New seeding particles available

To measure velocity in clear liquid or to study acoustic turbidity, it is sometimes necessary to use tracers or known particles. Ubertone has selected and characterised the following particles, which fit perfectly to our devices and transducers. ... read more


Ubertone Student Paper Award 2016

To promote innovative researches from students, Ubertone organizes the Ubertone Student Awards. Since 2012 and at each edition of the ISUD symposium, papers and presentations of the students were graded by each member of the scientific committee. During the last symposium taking place at Tokyo ... read more


ISUD 10 held in Tokyo

The ISUD - International Symposium on Ultrasonic Doppler Method for Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Engineering - is the biennial event bringing together users and experts in the field of high resolution velocity profile measurement by use of ultrasound. At Ubertone's desk, we demonstrated our UB-Lab velocity profiler measuring in clear water with a transducer clamped ... read more


UVP revolution

During the 10th ISUD we unveiled our new miniature hardware. With this new development, we push further the technological limits of UVP (Ultrasonic Velocity Profiler) to reach a lighter and smaller board.

Huge efforts have been made to concentrate all our technology in a 14 grams electronic board that consumes less than 1W and powers up in half a second. It is equipped with two transmit/receive channels allowing to measure up to ... read more


Ubertone took part in Kyoto JSMF symposium, August 2016

日本 ユーバートーンは下記の学会に出展いたします 8月8日~10日, 混相流シンポジウム2016 (日本混相流学会), 京都。会場で皆様のお越しをお待ちしています。

Ubertone took part in the annual symposium of the JSMF (the Japanese Society for Multiphase Flow) – Kyoto, from August 8th to 10th 2016. It was holden at “Ryoshin-Kan” in Imadegawa Campus of Doshisha University, where Ubertone’s UB-Lab has been exhibited.

Natural Convection in Oil

Meet Ubertone at two main events in Japan

日本 ユーバートーンは下記の学会に出展いたします :

  • 8月8日~10日, 混相流シンポジウム2016 (日本混相流学会), 京都。
  • 9月28日~30日, 10th ISUD(International Symposium on Ultrasonic Doppler Methods for Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Engineering), 東京。



Special Edition in Flow Measurement and Instrumentation

It is our pleasure to announce the publication of the Special Section on Ultrasonic Doppler Methods for Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Engineering in the journal Flow Measurement and Instrumentation (Volume 48, April 2016).

This Special Edition is guest edited by Anne Pallares, Stéphane Fischer (UBERTONE) and Yuji Tasaka, and includes a selection of papers about the most recent advances in ultrasonic Doppler velocity profile method. read more

Successfull integration of UB-Lab for chocolate monitoring

From January 2013 to December 2014, Ubertone has taken part in ULTRACHOC project which aims to control and monitor chocolate's tempering process. A system composed of an UB­Lab combined with pressure sensors has been used successfully and has thus demonstrated that it suits perfectly to this type of industrial need. This in­line and non­invasive technology provides real­time and accurate viscosity measurements, offering thereby a better understanding of the fluid's properties and behavior ... read more

Intégrer l’innovation de la mesure en ligne sur l’eau dans le métier d’ingénieur conseil

Comment être sûr de préconiser la bonne solution technique ? Sept constructeurs répondent aux problématiques couramment rencontrées par les bureaux d’études. Cette demi-journée permettra d’ouvrir le débat sur les différentes technologies utilisées dans la métrologie sur l’Eau et de présenter des innovations dans le domaine. De plus, l’espace exposition ... read more

9th ISUD takes place in Strasbourg

During August 2014, Ubertone has co-organised the 9th edition of the International Symposium on Ultrasonic Doppler Methods for Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Engineering. The main objective of this biennial event is to allow researchers and engineers to present and exchange about the techniques and applications of the velocity profile measurement based on pulsed ultrasonic Doppler ... read more

Natural Convection in Oil

Visit us at FLUCOME Exhibition Conference

FLUCOME conference held in Japan and provide a forum for researchers and engineers to exchange the latest development and applications of Fluid Control, Measurements, and Visualization in various fields in order to enhance better understanding ... read more

Interview during the WebTV Tour of CleanTechs Alsace

Interview of Stéphane Fischer, founder of UBERTONE, recorded for the WebTV Tour of CleanTechs Alsace on july the 2nd, 2013 at Strasbourg.

Watch this interview (in French):

Spontaneous flow reversals of convection rolls in a liquid metal layer under a magnetic field

Flow instability and transition - development of measurement tools for experiments in fluid dynamics

As part of an academic exchange, Yuji Tasaka (Laboratory for Flow Control) will present his activities in the field of flow instability and transition. Ultrasonic velocity profiling has greatly contributed to these experimental fluid dynamics studies... read more

Stéphane Fischer, CEO of Ubertone, surrounded by the winners of the Ubertone Student Paper Award: Richard Nauber (left) and Tomonori Ihara (right)

UBERTONE Student Paper Award

During the 8th ISUD Conference, the Ubertone Student Paper Award rewards the work of young researchers about the application of Doppler profiling in mechanics and engineering of fluids... read more


Rendez-vous sur notre stand à l'ISUD - Dresden

UBERTONE participera à la 8ème conférence ISUD qui se déroulera à Dresde (Allemagne) du 19 au 21 septembre. Le Symposium sur les Méthodes Doppler pour la Mécanique des Fluides et l'Ingénierie réunit tous les deux ans des spécialistes du monde entier ... read more

Mont St Michel

Invitation at the International Conference on Scour and Erosion

The ICSE have become respected events in the technical conference calendar for engineers, scientists, decision makers and administrators providing services in the areas of scour and erosion. Stéphane Fischer, founder of UBERTONE, will give a conference entitled "Evaluation of a High Resolution Acoustic Profiler for Hydraulic Erosion Studies" ... read more

la mesure par ultrasons représentée au forum mondial de l'eau

Le GEMCEA présente Ubertone à l'occasion du Forum Mondial de l'Eau

Le Groupement pour l'Evaluation des Mesures dans les Eaux et en Assainissement) a développé une solide expertise en métrologie, en particulier dans les domaines de la technologie et la mise en œuvre des capteurs l’instrumentation des ouvrages et des systèmes hydrauliques en milieu urbain ... read more

connexion wifi aux instruments d'Ubertone

Connexion sans fil à nos équipements

Désormais nos équipements peuvent être pilotés sans fil via wifi, offrant ainsi plus de souplesse et de facilité d’installation ! En effet, nos systèmes basés sur Ethernet permettent une large possibilité d’interfaçage sur les réseaux modernes.

Conference at Pollutec 2011

In collaboration with HYDREOS (the French business cluster on water quality and management) we gave a conference entitled :

New Ultrasonic Measurement Techniques : Which Applications in Wastewater and Environment?

The innovations in the field of acoustic instrumentation allow the measurement of velocity and acoustic turbidity profiles in natural and industrial flows. In a similar approach to medical echography, the technology developed by UBERTONE permits the precise observation of the fluid. It therefore offers a new tool allowing hydraulic study in sewer networks, sediment transport tracking in rivers, etc.

ECOTECHS'2011 Sensors and Measurement Systems for environmental applications

Cemagref organised the ECOTECHS'2011 symposium (october 2011) at its research and experimentation center in Allier. This symposium concerned sensors and their implementation in environmental fields (including agriculture).

This was an opportunity for UBERTONE to present the latest results on the evaluation of the high-resolution acoustic profiler UB-flow F156 for sediment transport studies in rivers.

Visit of Professor Takeda

We had the pleasure of hosting Professor Yasushi Takeda (formerly from Hokkaido University, Japan) during the summer of 2011. After being a pioneer in the development of the ultrasonic pulsed Doppler method and its applications in the field of physics, he is now the director of the FlowBiz company (Tokyo, Japan).

This rewarding meeting with Professor Takeda was the opportunity to present our latest hardware developments and to discuss future collaborations.

Interview on France Bleu Alsace

On the regional radio France Bleu Alsace, Ubertone's founder, Dr. Stéphane Fischer (PhD in Electronics, MSc in Engineering Physics, Strasbourg University) discussed new advances in water measurement techniques in the radio show "Alsace Innovates".

Listen to this interview (in French):

Innovation award for Ubertone

Ubertone's activities in new ultrasonic flowmetering technologies are rewarded in the French Innovative Technology Start-up contest.

By the award of this grant, this contest rewards and supports the best projects of new businesses involved in innovative technologies. In addition to the grant, this award recognizes the enterprise as a leader in its field.