Check for available updates or upgrades for your profiler

Ubertone’s team continuously develops on existing and new hardware, firmware and software. In general, if your instrument has more than two years, we probably have updates or upgrades to propose.

Here are a few examples of upgrades you can currently request an offer for:

  • Upgrade your UB-Lab Starter kit to a UB-Lab S4
  • Upgrade your UB-Lab 2C to a UB-Lab 3C
  • Upgrade UB-Lab S2 to UB-Lab X2

And updates:

Any update includes usually also more robustness of the software and lots of minor fixes.

Software update examples on GUI of UB-Lab P, S4, 3C, UB-SediFlow:

  • recording parameters (delayed start, record duration, interval) (not for UB-Lab 3C)
  • up to 16 configurations (not for UB-Lab 3C)
  • real-time plot of u,v,w velocities in UB-Lab 3C
  • real-time backscattered echo amplitude in Volt instead of dB
  • “operator” and “comment” fields reset to empty at boot

Feel free to contact us to check for more available updates and upgrades.