How to coil my transducer cables?

It is necessary to take good care of your cables. The transducer cables are especially important to take care of, as they are linked to the transducer head and need to maintain their waterproofness, shielding and link to the piezo (of course).

First of all, when manipulating and installing your cables, you should:

  • not suspend the probe with its cable,
  • not pull on the cables,
  • not twist the cables,
  • not mistreat or drop the transducer.

When rolling cables, four steps:

  1. the optional first step, especially if your cable is in a badly rolled shape, is to unroll it completely. The best is even to unroll it in a long line and make sure nobody will step on it during this operation.
  2. hold the most sensitive/fragile side in your non-dominant hand. For transducers, it is the transducer’s head, for PoE cables, it is the ethernet connector etc.
  3. with your dominant hand, take the cable between the index and the thumb (A) and make it roll between your fingers to force him to wind as you wish. During the first winding, choose the roll diameter (B).

    Every other cable loop, pass the loop beneath (C, D, E).

    Then repeat the operation until completely wind up.

  4. check if the result is satisfying. If yes, secure the rolled cable with a velcro before releasing it. If not, start again with step 1.

Bad, heartbreaking coiling examples::