Special Edition in Flow Measurement and Instrumentation

It is our pleasure to announce the publication of the Special Section on Ultrasonic Doppler Methods for Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Engineering in the journal Flow Measurement and Instrumentation (Volume 48, April 2016).

This Special Edition is guest edited by Anne Pallares, Stéphane Fischer (UBERTONE) and Yuji Tasaka, and includes a selection of papers about the most recent advances in ultrasonic Doppler velocity profile method:

  • Ultrasound flow mapping of complex liquid metal flows with spatial self-calibration. R. Nauber, N. Thieme, H. Radner, H. Beyer, L. Büttner, K. Dadzis, O. Pätzold, J. Czarske
  • Investigations of electrically driven liquid metal flows using an ultrasound Doppler flow mapping system. Sven Franke, Dirk Räbiger, Vladimir Galindo, Yunhu Zhang, Sven Eckert
  • Noise reduction of ultrasonic Doppler velocimetry in liquid metal experiments with high magnetic fields. Martin Seilmayer, Thomas Gundrum, Frank Stefani
  • Influence of obstacle plates on flowrate measurement uncertainty based on ultrasonic Doppler velocity profile method. Sanehiro Wada, Noriyuki Furuichi
  • Application of ultrasonic Doppler velocimetry to molten glass by using broadband phase difference method. Tomonori Ihara, Nobuyoshi Tsuzuki, Hiroshige Kikura
  • Viscoelastic responses of flow driven by a permeable disk investigated by ultrasound velocity profiling. Takahiro Nakashima, Takahisa Shiratori, Yuichi Murai, Yuji Tasaka, Yasushi Takeda, Eric J. Windhab
  • Performance tests of a new non-invasive sensor unit and ultrasound electronics. Reinhardt Kotzé, Stefano Ricci, Beat Birkhofer, Johan Wiklund
  • Experimental study of activated sludge batch settling velocity profile. Pierre François, Florent Locatelli, Julien Laurent, Karim Bekkour
  • Acoustic turbidity as online monitoring tool for rivers and sewer networks. A. Pallarès, S. Fischer, X. France, M.N. Pons, P. Schmitt
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