A custom-made profiler to be embedded on an aquatic drone

Ubertone offers a range of standard products, but we can also develop and provide custom-made solutions in case of specific request or application. We just delivered such a device for the Watermanagement Department, section Sanitary Engineering of the TU Delft. This device is dedicated to the FOULC project (Fast Over-scanning of Underground and Linear Constructions), also on Research Gate. It will be embedded on an aquatic drone which will first be used in sewer systems inspections.

The device is equipped with two 1.5MHz transducers that can measure at the same time. It contains a miniature Ethernet switch and two hardware that work simultaneously.

The whole system is integrated in one waterproof enclosure. On one side, a connector allows powering and communicating through Ethernet. On the other side, the system is equipped with a double coaxial connector dedicated to the transducers.

This development allows to measure velocity profiles simultaneously with two different transducers. It will be used by the Watermanagement Department of TU-Delft to propose a new sewer inspection method for detecting anomalies in the flow field due to infiltrating flows.

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