A new distributor in Japan - Flow Tech Research

Japanese researchers are very active on UVP technology, this is why Ubertone is dynamically developing its business in Japan. It was no coincidence that our Peacock UVP was unveiled in Tokyo in 2016 during ISUD.

After having promoted Ubertone’s technology with an agent for two years, we are now going a step further by working with a local distributor which is expert in flow visualisation!

Since 2005, FTR - FlowTech Research - designs and develops systems for visualizing and measuring various flow fields. They also provide high-precision measurement services. The team of 14 collaborators is mainly composed of engineers and doctors specialised in Fluid Mechanics and Hydrodynamics with strong skills in flow measurements.

Until recently, they focused on optical measurement techniques, like PIV. Today FTR extends its fields of application and knowledge by becoming a distributor of Ubertone in Japan. Using ultrasounds as a complementary technique will open new business opportunities, especially in opaque fluids, tightened setups and installations with high environmental constraints.

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