2C-bistatic velocity profiling for turbulence measurements - M.E.S.U.R.E project

The M.E.S.U.R.E (Métrologie mES hydroacoUstiques opéRationnElles - Operational hydroacoustic SSC metrology), is an ANR Astrid-ASMA project (French National Research Agency) funded by the DGA, is moving forward! It started at the beginning of the year 2017 and will last 3 years. For more details about the ins and outs, you can have a look at this news from last year. One objective of this project is to bring the technology of the LEGI (Laboratoire des Écoulements Géophysiques et Industriels) to UBERTONE, by developing a prototype of the ACVP instrument (Acoustic Concentration and Velocity Profiler), the UB-MES, based on UBERTONE’s UB-Lab Bistatic. The first version of the UB-MES, dedicated to laboratory measurements, has been enhanced for this project in order to allow a double symmetric bistatic configuration with a resolution of 1.5mm.

A measurement campaign began last week in the laboratory facility of the LEGI in Grenoble, France. The objective of this campaign is the experimental validation of the UB-MES prototype by measuring in well known conditions and by comparing it to the ACVP developed at the LEGI by Dr. David Hurther. To this end, Dr. Stéphane Fischer, head of UBERTONE company, went to Grenoble to give a hand for the installation of this first version of the UB-MES.

The measurement campaign takes place in controlled conditions in a channel with rough bottom. Two components (2C-bistatic) velocity profiles (u, v) and Reynolds stress (u’v’) are measured. The first results are very encouraging, let’s see what will come out of it!

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