THESIS 2022 - An event rich in exchanging

It was a pleasure to meet you and discuss at THESIS 2022 from the 6th to the 10th of June in Les Houches School of Physics, France, about our latest work on multi-bistatic measurement techniques.

Sediment transport controls the morphology of rivers, estuaries and coastal oceans. It is by nature a two-phase problem in which fine grain-scale processes such as collisions, segregation, or enduring contacts and turbulent-particle interactions locally control particle transport. Particulate geophysical flows is a truly multi-scale phenomenon with length-scales ranging from the submillimeter of a sand grain to the kilometer scale of a river section. This question of scale was central in the workshop with the aim to foster the transfer of the most recent advances on the understanding of these fine-scale processes and to establish research perspectives.

During this symposium week, we all had the chance to meet many people from all around the world working on two phase flow studies. It was a great human enriching experience because Les Houches provides a unique, friendly and propice setting for exchanging continuously over the week: during all the shared meals, the breaks and the beautiful walking in nature that we did all together. We were also able to discuss our latest research work, such as the one presented by the LEGI and Ubertone: “Suspended sediment concentration and sediment transport measurements with a two components ultrasonic profiler” by Helder Guta​​, Marie Burckbuchler, Stéphane Fischer.

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