The UB-Lab starter kit, an affordable UVP available now !

A new member joins the Ultrasonic Doppler catalog: the UB-Lab starter kit.

It is our cheapest UVP, with the same specifications as the UB-Lab S4, except:

  • only two channels available (out of 4)
  • limited to 30 cells for each measurement line
  • only at 3MHz emission frequency
  • and a significant effort on the price ;)

For new users, the offer obligatory includes a training session: from theory to application.

This starter kit is meant for researchers to get acquainted with ultrasonic Doppler profilers, and test out the UVP technology, or for education, for practical exercises of fluid mechanics and hydraulics.

It is possible to later upgrade this starter kit to a full UB-Lab S4, and then also multiply the transducers and frequencies for more applications.

It may also be of interest to start getting to know the monostatic, UVP technology before going for the bistatic, ADVP technology, used by the UB-Lab 3C, whose principle is more complex.

Application-oriented specification:

Velocity range (on tr axis) 6 cm/s 60 cm/s
Velocity range (U) (75° Doppler angle) 20 cm/s 2 m/s
Max exploration depth (Z-axis) 2 m 6 cm
Max sampling rate 12 Hz 15 Hz
Number of cells per tr max 30
Minimal spatial resolution on tr axis (slice thickness) down to 0.7 mm
Lateral spatial resolution (slice diameter)
  • at 4 cm: 7 mm
  • at 20 cm: 21 mm

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