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Keynote Lectures

Potentiel of Ultrasound-Doppler in process flow measurements along the food value chain

Erich Winhab

Underwater acoustic scattering and its application to sediment transport physics in coastal and river flows

David Hurther

Extraction of fluid flow information from spatio-temporal UVP data obtained in rotating configurations

Yuji Tasaka

The papers are listed by session and in their order of presentation during the symposium.

Environmental Flow

The investigation of sediment processes in rivers by means of the Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler

Massimo Guerrero, Ricardo N. Szupiany, Francisco Latosinsky, Nils Ruther

Hydraulics and deposit evolution in sewers

Nicolas Hemmerle, Jean-Jacques Randrianarimanana, Claude Joannis, Frédérique Larrarte

Study on Applicability of ADCP for Field-level Hydraulic Observation

Takaharu Kakinuma, Daisuke Tobita, and Satomi Yamaguchi

Feasibility Study on the Monitoring of Internal Flow and Transport Processes in Combined Sewer Overflow and Waste Water Treatment Structures

Kai Klepiszewski, Stefanie Seiffert, Emmanuel Henry, Raymond Erpelding and Serge Fonck

Water Discharge Measurements with ADCP in High Speed Flow with High Sediment Concentration

A. Yorozuya, Y. Motonaga, Y. Iwami, T. Furuyama, and K. Ogiwara

Acoustic turbidity as online monitoring tool for rivers and sewer networks

Anne Pallarès, Stéphane Fischer, Xavier France, Marie-Noëlle Pons, Philippe Schmitt

Field observation of the river flood flow and suspended sediment distribution using ADCP

Masahiro Hashiba, Tatsuya Kai, Atsuhiro Yorozuya and Yoshiki Motonoga

Dynamic analysis of the interaction between unconfined turbidity currents and obstacles

Richard I. Wilson and Heide Friedrich

Velocity distribution in open-channel flow with intense sediment transport of granular material

Bareš V, Zeostlík Š, Picek T, Krupička J, Matoušek V

Location effect on near bed flow structure around a straight spur dike

Mojtaba Mehraein, Seyyed Amin Najibi and Masoud Ghodsian

Comparison between different Instruments for Discharge Measurements in Rivers

Robert Schatzl

A method for using ADCP echo intensity to track particle movements in Lake Biel

Love Råman Vinnå and Damien Bouffard

Depth Averaged Velocity Prediction For Highly Sinuous Meandering Channels

Dash S., Khatua K. K., Pradhan A.

Investigation On Secondary Flow Characteristics For Two Stage Meandering Channels

Khatua K. K., Dash S., Patra K. C.

Signal Processing

Accuracy evaluation of a crossed beam double element transducer for ultrasound velocity profiler application

Fábio R. Coutinho, César Y. Ofuchi, Lúcia V. R. de Arruda, Flávio Neves Jr, Rigoberto E. M. Morales

Suitable Arrangement of UVP-lines for Tomographic Monitoring of Horizontal Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Pipe Flows

Yuichi Murai, Yuji Tasaka, and Yasushi Takeda

Modular ultrasound array Doppler velocimeter with spatial self-calibration for flow mapping in liquid metals

R. Nauber, N. Thieme, H. Radner, H. Beyer, L. Büttner, K. Dadzis, O. Pätzold, J. Czarske

Noise reduction of UDV measurements in liquid metal experiments with high magnetic fields

Martin Seilmayer, Frank Stefani and Thomas Gundrum

Velocities measurement in highly turbulent and aerated flows

Luis G. Castillo and José M. Carrillo

Performance tests of a new non-invasive sensor unit and ultrasound electronics

Reinhardt Kotzé, Stefano Ricci and Johan Wiklund

Extended Autocorrelation Velocity Estimator Applied to Fluid Engineering

César Yutaka Ofuchi, Fabio Rizental Coutinho, Flávio Neves Jr, Lúcia Valéria R. De Arruda, Rigoberto Eleazar Melgarejo Morales

Improvement in Measurement Volume in Near-wall Region Using Ultrasonic Multi-wave Pulsed Doppler Method for Flowrate Measurement

Ei Muramatsu, Hideki Murakawa, Katsumi Sugimoto, Nobuyuki Takenaka,Noriyuki Furuichi

Higher Flowrate Measurement using Ultrasonic Pulsed Doppler Method with Staggered Trigger

Hideki Murakawa, Akira Oue, Ei Muramatsu, Katsumi Sugimoto, Nobuyuki Takenaka and Noriyuki Furuichi

Study of Flow Measurement by Air-coupled Ultrasound

Keisuke Tsukada, Nobuyoshi Tsuzuki and Hiroshige Kikura

Applied Flow

Experimental study of activated sludge batch settling velocity profile

Pierre François, Florent Locatelli, Julien Laurent and Karim Bekkour

Ultrasound detection of wall-travelling bubbles for diagnosis of drag reduction

Hyun Jin Park, Hirohide Kayukawa, Yoshihiko Oishi, Yuji Tasaka and Yuichi Murai

An influence of obstacle plate for uncertainty of flowrate measurement using ultrasonic Doppler method

Noriyuki Furuichi

Flow field UVP measurements of a Y-shape outlet structure

Alexandre J. Pachoud and Giovanni De Cesare

Electric current pulse driven liquid metal flow studied by the multidimensional Ultrasound Doppler array technique

Sven Franke, Dirk Räbiger, Yunhu Zhang and Sven Eckert

Viscoelastic response of flow driven by a moving permeable disk

Takahiro Nakashima, Takahisa Shiratori, Yoshihiko Oishi, Yuji Tasaka, Yuichi Murai, Yasushi Takeda, Erich J. Windhab

Experimental studies of convection flow during the fermentation process of beer by means of Ultrasonic Doppler Velocimetry

Heiko Meironke

In-line monitoring of chocolate crystallization by UVP-PD technique

Damien Dufour, Erich J. Windhab, Yasushi Takeda, Shaik A. K. Jeelani

Channel flow profile measurements at hot liquid metal loops by the Ultrasound Doppler method

Sven Franke, Sven Eckert, Thomas Gundrum and Gunter Gerbeth

Ultrasonic Characterization of Silt Suspensions by Backscattering

Peter Fleckenstein, Fabian Deschwanden, Giuseppe Storti, Marco Lattuada, Peter Gruber

Liquid Metal Ultrasound Velocimetry in a High Current Environment

Marco Starace, Norbert Weber, Martin Seilmayer, Tom Weier, Frank Stefani and Sven Eckert

Flow-Viz™ – A fully integrated and commercial in-line fluid characterization system for industrial applications

Johan Wiklund, Reinhardt Kotzé, Beat Birkhofer, Stefano Ricci, Valentino Meacci, Rainer Haldenwang and Mats Stading

Flow monitoring in molten glass by means of ultrasonic Doppler method

Tomonori Ihara, Nobuyoshi Tsuzuki and Hiroshige Kikura

Fundamental Flow

Experimental investigations of a magnetically driven Tornado-like vortex by means of Ultrasound-Doppler Velocimetry

Tobias Vogt, Ilmars Grants, Sven Eckert and Gunter Gerbeth

Free Jets driven by a plane ultrasound transducer in liquids: experimental and theoretical investigation of acoustic streaming

V. Botton, B. Moudjed, D. Henry, H. Ben Hadid and A. Potherat

Onset of oscillatory instability in Rayleigh-Bénard convection of a liquid metal layer under a horizontal magnetic field

Yudai Yamaguchi, Kazuto Igaki, Yuji Tasaka, Sven Eckert, Tobias Vogt and Takatoshi Yanagisawa

Measurement of Turbulent Fluctuations in Pipe Flow by Ultrasonic Doppler Velocimeter

Volkan Köseli

Mapping of radial velocity component in Taylor Couette flow with Ultrasound Doppler Velocimetry (UVP)

L. Pokorny, Y. Takeda and E.J. Windhab

Model-free rheometry based on unsteady velocity profile analysis

Takahisa Shiratori, Yoshihiko Oishi, Yuji Tasaka, Yuichi Murai and Yasushi Takeda

Regime diagram of thermal convection in liquid metal with horizontal magnetic field

Takatoshi Yanagisawa, Yozo Hamano, Takehiro Miyagoshi, Yasuko Yamagishi, Ataru Sakuraba, Yuji Tasaka, Kazuto Igaki, and Yasushi Takeda

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