ADVP method presented at PGC22 in Aberdeen

The Particulate Gravity Currents in the Environment 2022 Conference took place at University of Aberdeen, UK, co-hosted by Chengdu University of Technology, China. This event welcomed all those with an interest in the field of particulate gravity currents. This includes researchers in the field of Earth and environmental sciences, but also all those working with:

  • turbidity currents and related flows
  • pyroclastic density currents
  • haboobs
  • powder snow avalanches
  • cohesive and non-cohesive non-Newtonian flows, including transitional or hybrid flows
  • fluid muds
  • rapid granular flows

Prof. Giovanni De Cesare from EPFL (Lausanne, CH) opened the conference with a keynote about “Sedimentation of a high Alpine hydropower reservoir under climate change: what will disappear first, the glacier or the reservoir?”

A poster explaining the measurement principle of the ADVP (Acoustic Doppler Velocity Profiler) by Ubertone was displayed for the coffee breaks as well as a video of an installation example of the UB-Lab 2C in a flume with sediment pit for the study of sediment transport at the LEGI (Grenoble, FR).

This method has shown very promising results in gravity currents, notably because it can measure instantaneous two components velocity profiles as well as SSC (Suspended Sediment Concentration) profiles.

We would like to thank the organising committee, and especially Professor Emeritus Benjamin Kneller, for this opportunity.

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