UB-Lab 2C - The velocity vector profiler

The UB-Lab 2C profiler measures accurate quasi-instantaneous co-located two (2C) components velocity profiles in the laboratory.


  • High spatial and temporal resolution
  • two components (2C) velocity profiles
  • Web interface

The compact and splash-proof (IP65) enclosure of the UB-Lab 2C is adapted to harsh environments. This scientific instrument can be used within a laboratory. It breaks new ground by offering the user new capabilities in the fields of turbulence study.

The device is configured through a dynamic web interface and integrate an internal logger (3Go) which allows the storage of a large amount of data, enabling days or months of monitoring (depending on configuration).

Ethernet communication goes through RJ45 cable. The device can behave like a DHCP server when connected directly to the computer, or it can be connected to the network and behave like a DHCP client. Depending on the network configuration, connection to the device through WiFi is possible.

The UB-Lab 2C can be equipped with 1 emitting transducer and 2 couples of receiving transducers. The multi-bistatic technique provides an instantaneous two component (2C) velocity vector measurement along a single beam (1D profile) at a high spatial and temporal resolution. This technique is also known as ADVP (Acoustic Doppler Velocity Profiler).

The emitter and a pair of receivers are provided with the device, as well as the holder to ensure an optimal installation.

This system has been validated by comparison with the ACVP of the LEGI (Grenoble, France) during an ANR MESURE project.

Measurement Performances UB-Lab 2C
Sampling range

5 to 500 mm at 1MHz

Number of cells 2 to 100
Cell size 1.4 to 20 mm
Velocity Range see Nyquist conditions.
Example of average velocity ranges for turbulence intensities of 8%:
  • +/-1.7m/s in front of 1MHz transducer to +/-1.2m/s at 43cm depth, with PRF=1500Hz.
Velocity accuracy 0.2 to 1%
Velocity resolution 0.1 ppm (floating point representation with 7 significant digits)
Sampling rates up to 100 Hz *
Signal Processing Coherent Doppler with phase coding
Number of configurations 5
Raw acoustic signal no
Trigger IN/OUT 1 BNC connector
Temperature 1 BNC connector for 2 wires PT100 probe
Pressure no
Measurement modus bistatic
Number of transducer connectors 5 (1 in emission and 1 or 2 pairs reception)
Type of transducer connectors BNC
Frequency range 0.8 to 1.2 MHz
Beam width around 3° half angle depending on the emitting frequency
Emission voltage 30/60V
Dimensions 5.5 x 11.3 x 38.5 cm
Weight 1.5 kg
Cable 10 m typical (up to 50 m upon request)
Data Management
Communication HTTP and TCP-IP protocols through Ethernet
Internal data logger 3 Go (more than 20 000 profiles)
File format ASCII CSV (compatible with Excel, Matlab …) and binary for raw data
Velocity Velocity profile data (relative to acoustic beam directions) per beam and cell
Echo Backscattered echo RMS amplitude per beam and cell
Turbidity no
Data Quality Profile data quality indicator per beam and cell
Raw IQ yes
Input 110-230V AC, 48V POE
Consumption Maximum 12 VA

UB-Lab 2C - Sheet-flow

This video shows an example of setup for measurements in a sheet-flow condition in an open-channel flume with the UB-Lab 2C from UBERTONE.

UB-Lab 2C - benchmark measurement campaign presented in Madrid at HydroSenSoft 2019

In this paper, new data set of co-located 2C velocity and sediment concentration time-resolved measurements under steady uniform turbulent rough clear water and sheet-flow, performed with an Acoustic Concentration and Velocity Profiler (ACVP) and a prototype for a commercial ADVP, the UB-Lab 2C, are presented ... read more


2C-bistatic velocity profiling for turbulence measurements (follow-up) - M.E.S.U.R.E project

A big step has been taken for ultrasonic instrumentation thanks to the ANR Astrid-ASMA project M.E.S.U.R.E (Métrologie mES hydroacoUstiques opéRationnElles - Operational hydroacoustic SSC metrology)! First results on the measurement campaign in the laboratory facility of the LEGI ... read more

UB-Lab 2C - userfriendly GUI

This video explains geometrical GUI setup for measurements with the UB-Lab 2C from UBERTONE.

Transducers installation examples

You will find here examples of how to install transducers for measurements with the UB-Lab UVPs or the UB-Lab 2C from UBERTONE.

UB-Lab installation

You will find here how to install the UB-Lab from UBERTONE. The UB-Lab communication and powering go through a POE cable and supply.

Overall presentation - UB-Lab User Interface

You will find here how to start the graphical user interface of the UB-Lab from UBERTONE. It is an embedded web interface. And you will get an overview of this interface.

Note: it is almost the same interface for the UB-Flow.

Accessories :